Holy Thursday: Storytelling

Have you done your family tree? At some point in your life an interest seems to awaken about knowing your heritage. My family were not good at telling stories of where we came from so I have delighted in dong some internet research and uncovering a little of my history.

Did you know that the ritual that the Jesus and the disciples were celebrating on Holy Thursday evening was a Jewish celebration? On Passover, which Jewish families continue to celebrate, the story of where they came from is told. They include symbolic foods in the meal to structure the story telling and highlight features of the story.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on Holy Thursday evening but I will be with some friends. I’m sure we will be sharing a meal. Even if I’ve heard it before I’m going to invite them to tell the story of their family and where they came from.

 If you’re going to be with your family and there will be children present, I’d encourage you, no, I’d urge you, to do the same. The gift of the Passover ritual which shapes how Christians celebrate Eucharist is that the heritage is known by the whole family. And it is clear to everyone, that in the midst of it all, God has been there.

Hope you have a very happy and holy Easter – Andrea


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