Andrea Dean has designed a retreat program specifically for mature women who feel on the fringe of the Catholic Church.

This retreat is not a training program, a course or a holiday but a chance to connect, to find peace and stillness.

The Retreat venue is a working farm and vineyard. All meals are provided and your rooms are prepared for you.

Retreat program:


Arrival, 7 pm Dinner

8 pm Session 1


9 am Session 2, 10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 Session 3, 12.30 Lunch

3.00 Session 4, 4.30 Afternoon Tea

5.00 Session 5, 7.00 Dinner

8.00 Session 6


9.00 Session 7, 10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 Mass, 12.30 Lunch

1.30 Departure

Is this retreat endorsed by or run by the Catholic Church?

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