Andrea Dean


I empower mature Catholic women who feel on the fringe of the Church to cultivate a nourishing, feminine spirituality through practical and inclusive retreats and other spiritual processes. I help women develop a life-giving Christian spirituality by recognizing the defining themes of women’s spirituality as well as the unique issues of being in ‘the second half of life’ . I enable women to cultivate a way of life that is more human, more spiritual and more religious.

Currently I offer

  • weekend retreats to enable women to focus on the challenges that they face, to experience the support of others and to be introduced to foundational ideas
  • group coaching sessions to support women in learning more about life-giving spiritual practices and developing a fresh approach to Christian spirituality
  • one on one sessions to provide personal support and accountability on the pathway towards wholeness and holiness.

I am a spiritual seeker, having studied theology, spirituality and religious education. For over twenty five years I was a member of a religious congregation, the Sisters of St Joseph.  My Churchill Fellowship (2004) explored a program in teacher spirituality and I am currently training as a spiritual director.

I have worked with adults in professional development programs, retreats, conferences, university courses and in coaching sessions. Through the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, I coordinate a national leadership program for young women.

Recent Work

Young Catholic Women's Interfaith Fellowhsip

Facilitator Preparation


Interfaith Leadership:


AP RE Sessions

Magnetic Island

Sisters of Mercy