Empowering mature Catholic women

who feel on the fringe of the Church

to cultivate a nourishing, feminine spirituality

through community and shared reflection.

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Is it possible for  Catholic women who feel on the fringe of the Church
to experience a nourishing, feminine spirituality within community?

I believe so, especially if we address these three key areas:
  1. By responding to the defining themes of women’s spirituality
  2. By recognizing that ‘the second half of life’ demands different attitudes, disciplines, and life skills
  3. By cultivating practices that make us more human, more spiritual and more religous.

How do we get past these challenges and cultivate a life giving spirituality?

  • By following a practical and  holistic  path towards wholeness and holiness
  • By developing a range of  daily spiritual practices appropriate to the second half of life
  • By paying attention to the themes of women’s spirituality.

And that’s where I come in …  Experience empowerment, joy and community in the retreats and programs that I facilitate with the needs of mature Catholic women in mind.

With close to 60 years at the heart of the Catholic Church, I help women develop a life-giving Christian spirituality.